The Benefits of Video Analytics for Campus Security

Protecting students, staff, and visitors across your campuses present an ongoing security challenge that requires a dynamic monitoring solution.

With several large areas and open spaces to monitor, increasing the automation capabilities of your surveillance units can help to save time, money, and man-hours.

How can Video Analytics benefit Campus Security?

Video analytics has the capability to reduce the amount of time security personnel spend monitoring cameras, whilst providing immediate responses to emerging security threats.

LotGuard’s surveillance camera experts below outline the key benefits of utilizing video analytics coupled with mobile surveillance cameras.

The Benefits of Video Analytics for Campus Security

Speed Up Incident Investigations

Deploying video analytics to your campus security cameras will streamline investigations, providing a faster and more efficient approach.

These analytics work by automatically detecting pre-defined activity types, allowing users to either receive real time alerts or quickly access archived footage of events.

Key use cases for video analytics in a campus setting include:

During off-hours, video analytics can automatically flag footage for review, eliminating the need for manual shifting through hours of footage and saving valuable investigation time.

Flag and Detect Untrusted Individuals on Campus

Our units, like the LotGuard Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer, feature edge-based video analytics that automatically responds to the rule sets outlined above.

When these rules are triggered, an alert will be sent to the on-site security guards for immediate attention.

Additionally, this can trigger a live audio alert to be activated as part of a pro-active crime prevention response.  

This proactive approach enables schools to deal with unwelcome visitors before any situation escalates into a dangerous one.

Campus Security with LotGuard

Detect Unauthorized and Suspicious Vehicles Parked On Campus Property

By utilizing license plate recognition (LPR) technology, schools can label certain vehicles with tags such as "authorized," "unknown," and "unauthorized." This assists campus security with:

The use of LPR and video analytics to detect vehicles can significantly improve campus safety for students, and security teams can respond promptly to any alerts received.

LotGuard for Campus Parking Lot Security

At LotGuard, we specialize in mobile surveillance units specifically designed for campus security.

Our fully autonomous Mobile Surveillance Trailers provide 24/7 security, and we can customize each solution with different camera options to suit your requirements.

LotGuard Iconography

The LotGuard feature set includes the following:

These cameras utilize the latest LTE technology to transmit live and archived video feeds, allowing for remote connectivity at any time, regardless of your location.

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