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Applications & Sectors

LotGuard's versatile mobile surveillance units can enhance safety and security across a range of industries. 

Whether you are looking to protect your vehicle inventory, facility, staff, or customers, deploying a LotGuard is the most reliable and cost-effective security solution you can choose. 

If you don't see your use case or application listed below, don't worry - it's likely we can still help! Just get in touch with us and tell us what you need.

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LotGuard Sectors - Auction Businesses - Mobile video surveillance

Auction Properties

LotGuard's mobile surveillance cameras provide a complete security solution for outdoor auction facilities, helping protect your valuable merchandise.

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LotGuard Sectors - Dealerships

Auto Dealerships

With millions of dollars of company assets sitting in the parking lot, securing your dealership with a LotGuard will help reduce theft and vandalism in a cost-effective way.

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LotGuard Pro Mobile Surveillance for Cannabis Farms


Cannabis farms are typically located in remote areas with large, unsecured perimeters, allowing thieves to approach and strike undetected. Harden your locations with LotGuard.

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LotGuard Sectors - Healthcare Facilities - Mobile Video Surveillance

Healthcare Facilities

Parking lots at hospitals and healthcare facilities are typically full around the clock. LotGuard provides cost-effective security 24/7.

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Lotguard for Logistics & Distribution Security

Logistics and Distribution

Lotguard provides a budget-friendly and highly effective alternative to utilizing security guards at fast-moving, high-traffic logistics and distribution centers.

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LotGuard Sectors - Parking Garages

Parking Garages

LotGuard is a low-cost, high-quality alternative to security guards for parking garage security. Protect your properties and people from theft and violent crime with LotGuard.

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LotGuard Sectors - Property Management - Mobile Video Surveillance

Property Management

LotGuard's surveillance units enhance security, reduce the risk of crime, deter loitering, and create safe environments around your properties.

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Retail Stores

Your customers trust that their vehicles and property will be safe when they visit your retail stores - don't let them down. LotGuard is the USA's #1 choice for big-box retail parking lot security.

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LotGuard Sectors - Vehcile Storage - Mobile Video Surveillance (2)

Storage Facilities

LotGuard provides a complete security and surveillance system for vehicle storage facilities, delivering 24/7/365 prevention of theft and vandalism.

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LotGuard Sectors - University Parking - Mobile Video Surveillance

Schools and Universities

LotGuard surveillance units enhance safety and security at campus parking lots and surrounding areas, protecting staff, students, and their vehicles.

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