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Logistics and Distribution

LotGuard Applications: Logistics and Distribution

Logistics and distribution centers are dynamic environments with constant activity and ever-changing conditions.

Creating a secure environment can be incredibly challenging, given the number of entry points, high levels of activity, and the sheer scale of the perimeter of these locations.

Utilizing security guards can be costly and unreliable, but a LotGuard provides 24/7 high-grade surveillance at a budget-friendly price point.


LotGuard for Logistics and Distribution 

LotGuard is the ideal security solution for areas associated with high traffic and complex monitoring requirements. 

Our surveillance units deliver 24/7 intelligent surveillance that helps element the threat of criminal activity without impacting your day-to-day operations. 

A Lotguard unit can be deployed to virtually any location regardless of power or internet availability, and is fully portable, meaning it can be moved if surveillance priorities change. 

We can customize the camera and accessory profile of each Loguard deployment to best match the needs of your property.

LotGuard Iconography

Options include:

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras

  • Infrared cameras

  • AI video analytics cameras

  • Thermal cameras

  • Horn speakers

  • Sirens

  • Blue light alarms

Live and archived video from LotGuard cameras can be accessed anytime from any device, regardless of your location. 

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Lotguard Mobile Surveillance Units for Logistics & Distribution Collage

A Complete Security Service

LotGuard units can be backed by a fully managed security platform that takes the pressure off your teams.

This service includes:

  • Surveillance equipment

  • License-free viewing software

  • Installation

  • Live video monitoring services 

  • Ongoing maintenance and US-based tech support

  • Connectivity 

  • Incident reporting

How LotGuard's Video Surveillance as a Service Works

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