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LotGuard's Bespoke Video Management Software

LotGuard's range of video management software allows remote connection to live and archived footage from your cameras anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

All software is provided at no additional cost for as many users as you want to have access to the cameras.

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LotGuard - Single View Software

LotGuard View

LotGuard View is an unlicensed and free of charge video management software that allows users to connect to a LotGuard PRO or MINI unit and access live and recorded video and move the PTZ camera.

LotGuard View allows a user to remotely commission and configure a camera unit, including setting up auto-tours, video analytics settings, privacy zones and much more.

A user can access a single LotGuard camera's live feed and simultaneously access live feeds from any secondary cameras attached to the unit (such as LPR cameras, Thermal imaging cameras, and static cameras).

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WCCTV LotGuard Pro Software

LotGuard View Pro

LotGuard View Pro is a video management system that allows connectivity to up to 21 LotGuard units simultaneously.

The View Pro software provides all the same functionality as LotGuard View, including the remote viewing of live and recorded footage, setting up PTZ controls, setting auto-tours and analytics actions and creating privacy zones.

LotGuard View Pro is available to purchase, please contact us for more information. 

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WCCTV LotGuard App Software

LotGuard View App

The popular LotGuard View App provides live viewing of LotGuard units products from your portable / cellular devices - including iPhones and iPads and Android devices.

This provides true flexibility allowing you to access your surveillance cameras from home, the office or wherever you are, any time day or night. 

Click here to download LotGuard View App – Apple

Click here to download LotGuard View App – Android

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