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Who are LotGuard?

LotGuard is a surveillance solution designed and manufactured by WCCTV, the USA's Leading supplier of mobile video surveillance cameras.

The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX, with an established deployment network across the United States.

LotGuard has been specifically designed to boost security and safety around parking lots and properties.

With LotGuard, there’s no need for mounting poles for your surveillance cameras, as well as no need for onsite power or internet connectivity within your lots. LotGuard is a fully autonomous and mobile surveillance system.

Our LotGuard solution can be equipped with customizable camera profiles to meet each end users’ individual needs and requirements. This includes IR PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, license plate recognition cameras (LPR), and four-way multisensor cameras; all capable of delivering live and recorded footage through 4G LTE technology.

Live and archived footage from our LotGuard unit can be easily viewed remotely, through either our mobile application or software.

Our LotGuard solution also offers many flexible lease and purchase options to ensure we meet the needs of our users.

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