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Parking lots present a range of complex security challenges. LotGuard's mobile surveillance units help mitigate these challenges, and ensure parking lots, properties, and people are safe, secure, and shielded from potential threats.

Parking lot crime is a growing trend, with the Bureau of Justice Statistics reporting that over 10% of all annual property crimes happen in a parking lot. That's over 2 million parking lot crimes every year, with monetary losses of over $6B caused by these crimes, and several serious violent crimes.

The LotGuard Solution offers the ability to mitigate, deter or report any potential theft, vandalism, property damage, or violent crime that may occur, keeping your property, inventory, guests and employees safe.

We offer two deployment options, the LotGuard PRO and LotGuard MINI. Both systems provide powerful (4G-LTE-enabled) video coverage, proactive intervention capability when a crime is detected. and act as a visual deterrent to criminal activity. 

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