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Preventing Organized Retail Crime (ORC)

Organized Retail Crime is gaining more traction each year. LotGuard experts discuss the top tactics to mitigate these crimes. Read more

10 tips for Better Parking Lot Safety - LotGuard

10 Tips For Better Parking Lot Safety

20 percent of all traffic accidents occur in a parking lot environment, primarily because drivers let their guard down. Lot Guard provides info on how to ensure safety when parking your vehicle. Read more

The Most Commonly Stolen Vehicles - LotGuard

The Most Commonly Stolen Cars in 2021

With vehicle theft skyrocketing in the last two years, LotGuard highlights the most commonly stolen vehicles across the US. Read more

LotGuard Sectors - Auction Businesses - Mobile video surveillance

Why Campus Security Begins in the Parking Lot

With parking lots a magnet for criminal activity ranging from violent crimes, drug activity, and vehicle theft, school and university campus security begins in the parking lot. Read more

10 Reasons for Car Theft - LotGuard

5 Reasons Why Car Theft Happens

2021 saw a huge increase in the theft of and from vehicles. LotGuard explores the key reasons why these crimes occur, and ways to prevent them. Read more

Top 20 Car Theft Statistics - LotGuard

20 Shocking Car Crime Stats (and How to Prevent Them)

Cars are an expensive commodity and a popular target for thieves. We highlight some shocking statistics that show the increasing need for better security. Read more

Understanding and Preventing Common Car Crimes - LotGuard

Understanding and Preventing Car Crime

Understanding the factors and conditions that lead to car crimes, such as theft and vandalism, is critical to preventing them from occurring. Our comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for preventing car crime. Read more

The Most Common Parking Lot Crimes - LotGuard

Common Parking Lot Crimes

By virtue of their location and design, parking lots can attract undesirables and promote criminal activity. We explore some common crimes, and how to prevent them. Read more

Three Ways LotGuard Surveillance Cameras Boost Parking Lot Safety

Three Ways Surveillance Cameras Boost Parking Lot Safety

Video surveillance cameras help businesses and communities remain vigilant in the face of rising threats at parking lots. Read more

How to Secure Your Parking Lot Infographic Thumbnail - lotguard

How to Secure Your Parking Lots [INFOGRAPHIC]

Parking lots have the potential to pose as legitimate security threats. LotGuard has produced a handy infographic on the best ways to secure your properties. Read more

LotGuard Surveillance Trailer Deployed at Barnes and Noble

Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras: Your Complete Guide

Choosing the right surveillance camera for your parking lot is a critical factor in enhancing security and safety. In this blog, LotGuard tells you everything you need to know about what key features you need to consider. Read more

Protect Your Retail Parking Lots with LotGuard

Protect Your Retail Lots This Holiday Season

There is increased in-person traffic at retail stores throughout the holiday season, which brings an increased risk of shoplifting, cargo theft, and other crime. This increase in crime also presents safety concerns for customers and employees. Read more

10 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Cars - LotGuard USA

10 Most Commonly Stolen Items From Vehicles

Theft from vehicles is an opportunistic crime that continues to create parking lot security challenges. Learn which items are most targeted, and how to protect yourself and your customers. Read more

Why Parking Lots are Targeted for Crime - LotGuard USA

Why Parking Lots are Targeted For Crime

LotGuard explores some of the key reasons why parking lots are such a popular target for crime, and how you can mitigate these risks. Read more

The Complete Guide to Parking Lot Security - LotGuard USA

The Complete Guide to Parking Lot Security

With the holiday season ahead, bringing longer nights, and seasonal crime spikes of up to 20%, LotGuard presents its complete guide to securing your parking lots and dealerships. Read more

Preventing Car Dealership Vandalism - LotGuard Sur veillance Systems

How to Prevent Vandalism at Car Dealerships

With millions of dollars of assets sitting in their parking lots, car dealerships require a robust security solution to prevent vandalism. Read our key advice here. Read more

The Role of Surveillance Cameras for Parking Lot Security - LotGuard USA

The Role of Surveillance Cameras in Parking Lot Security

Selecting mobile surveillance cameras as your go-to parking lot security solution will help prevent crime and keep your customers safe. Read more

LotGuard - Managed Surveillance Cameras for Parking Lot Security

How Managed Surveillance Camera Services Work

Every LotGuard mobile surveillance unit can be backed by a managed service that maximises effectiveness and delivers total convenience. Read more

LotGuard - Retail Parking Lot Surveillance Unit

Five Steps to Better Parking Lot Security

Parking lots present plenty of security challenges. However, there are several easy steps you can take to keep your staff, visitors, and customers safe. Read more


The Benefits of Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras

Utilizing mobile video surveillance cameras to provide security at parking lots has many benefits, from 24/7/365 protection, high-quality digital evidence, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Read more


Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring for Surveillance Cameras

Mobile Surveillance Units enhance security at parking lots, but when they are backed by remote video monitoring services they act as a virtual security guard. Read more


Rising Parking Lot Crime: Boost Security With Surveillance Cameras

As parking lot crime rates continue to rise, WCCTV explores how mobile video surveillance helps property managers and business owners protect guests and vehicles. Read more

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