Protect Your Retail Lots This Holiday Season

Throughout the holiday season, there is an increase of in-person traffic at retail stores.

That increase raises the risk of shoplifting, cargo theft, and other crime, presenting safety concerns for customers and employees.

Criminals take advantage of the lower lighting, high people turnover, and lower surveillance to steal, vandalize, and commit other violent crimes.

During the holiday shopping period, criminals look for easy marks, including cars full of previous purchases.

LotGuard specializes in security for big-box retail. Our mobile surveillance trailers are stationed in parking lots across the nation, and they are proven to decrease theft, parking lot incidents, and other crime.

WCCTV LotGuard Pro - Solar Surveillance Trailer for Parking Lot Security

They are autonomously powered (solar and battery), connect via 4G LTE (so no need for network cables or WiFi), are quick and easy to install, and can be moved if your surveillance requirements change.

They provide an obvious deterrent to crime and capture high-quality video evidence for investigation.

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