How LotGuard enhances Healthcare Facility Security

Hospitals and medical facilities should be a place of healing. Unfortunately, they are increasingly becoming targets of violent crimes. The rate of such crimes has risen by 47% in the last year.

Security is extremely important in healthcare environments. It must extend beyond the physical buildings to protect healthcare workers, patients, staff, and visitors.

Hospitals and medical facilities face long working hours and high levels of stress. They are also at risk of violent crimes and incidents leading to injury.

The reality is evident in the statistics:


Hospital personnel are not the only ones at risk of attack. In the United States alone, there are over 36.2 million hospital admissions annually. This figure does not include those who are simply visiting.

The latest studies show:

It is essential to have adequate and proactive surveillance in place to guarantee the safety of visitors and personnel. Without it, these hospitals and facilities are vulnerable to crime.

Improve Security for Healthcare Facilities

While security and surveillance solutions require an investment, the cost of not having these efforts installed can be greater.

Organizations are responsible for protecting their staff and patients; failure to properly monitor a facility can result in fines. Property theft or damage can also result in costly legal fees, settlements, and repairs.

Security measures must consider the frequent entry and exit of people in medical facilities. These measures must be proactive and dependable.

The focus should be on the facility perimeter; safety starts from the offset. In the year 2021 alone, healthcare parking lots in the United States witnessed a staggering:

Healthcare facilities can reduce crime and protect patients and staff. This can be done by securing the facility perimeter and using proactive surveillance measures.

LotGuard Enhances Healthcare Facility Security

LotGuard Secures Healthcare Facility

Deploy LotGuard to Protect Your Healthcare Facility

Protecting these facilities requires a security solution that is always awake, always on guard, and delivers cost-effective security 24/7.

LotGuard is the ideal surveillance solution for enhancing security at healthcare parking facilities.

LotGuards mobile surveillance units are designed for deployment in parking environments. They provide protection around the clock every day of the year. This ensures a safe and secure environment for patients and staff when entering and leaving your facility.

Our Mobile Surveillance Trailer can be deployed at your healthcare facility. It does not require power or an internet connection as it runs on 4G video transmission. Install a single unit to multiply your efforts.

This will add a layer of security to your parking lots. It will also help security personnel respond quickly to potential threats.

Live and archived video from LotGuard cameras can be accessed anytime from any device, regardless of location. This facilitates prosecution. You have evidence of what occurred, making it easier to prove. Additionally, it reduces the liability for property owners or managers.

We can customize each solution with different camera options and accessories to suit your requirements.

Better parking lot security is the first step. Click below to contact us to learn how LotGuard can protect patients, staff, and visitors of your healthcare facilities.

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