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The security experts at LotGuard answer some of the most common questions regarding parking lot surveillance options.

As the USA’s leading supplier of mobile surveillance units for parking lot and property security, people often turn to us with questions about how to boost the overall security profile of their business.

We look at some of these questions and provide our detailed recommendations below.

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What are the main features of an effective surveillance unit that will help protect people and their possessions while working or shopping?

The Answer

Did you know that about 80% of criminal acts occur in parking lot complexes or shopping centers?

There are ways to decrease the statistic by strengthening your security and deterring parking lot crime.

Parking lots need to undertake extra security measures due to the conditions of their locations. They are often not well-lit, subject to the elements, and either in an open lot or multi-level garage.

Installing a video surveillance system will enhance safety for customers, owners, and employees.

LotGuard Surveillance Cameras for Retail

Camera Visibility

If the cameras you install are visible, they can serve as a deterrent, and the recorded images can help law enforcement identify criminals later.

it’s necessary to deploy audio and visual deterrents to enhance the deterrence factor.

Using a universal warning sign such as a siren or light effectively ensures the trespasser leaves empty-handed.

Utilizing a LotGuard Pro mobile surveillance unit that has integrated blue lights, sirens, and audio voice down gives you maximum visual deterrence.

As the blue lights will flash, an alert is sent to our monitoring center, then the audio warning is initiated, and our highly trained security agents engage with the would-be intruders - forcing their retreat.

Not only does video surveillance help prevent theft and other crime, but it also improves the safety of customers attending the establishment, giving them a safe feeling and belief that their property is secure.

We recently created an infographic on improving pedestrian safety in parking lot environments; click below to check it out.

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Liability Claims

Premise liability settlements are growing as there is an implied obligation on the property owner’s part to provide a safe environment.

By installing mobile video surveillance units, if an accident occurs in your parking lot, a LotGuard surveillance solution allows you to capture critical video evidence and notify the relevant authorities.

The high-quality video footage will be crucial in assisting authorities in determining what occurred and will also protect your lots from costly hit-and-runs and false insurance claims.

LotGuard Surveillance Trailer Parking Lot

Advanced Surveillance

A mobile surveillance unit capable of capturing license numbers could be beneficial as the thieves usually drive into the lot and use their car as a shield to block the view of what they do.

Also, a camera containing analytics could detect a car parked in the lane instead of a slot.

You can customize the camera profile of LotGuard, so it meets the exact requirements of your lot; this includes IR PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, license plate recognition cameras (LPR), and four-way multi-sensor cameras.


To ensure a mobile video surveillance unit's full effectiveness, there are certain factors to undertake. Here at LotGuard, we have created a handy Parking Lot Surveillance Camera guide to help you secure your parking lots against theft and criminal damage.

Don't allow your parking lot to become the next crime statistic; now is the time to invest in a high-quality security system and protect your property, employees, guest, and customers.

LotGuard: The USA's Leading Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras

LotGuard surveillance units are designed to provide parking lot and dealership security. They detect, deter, mitigate, report criminal activity and provide 24/7 security.

The units feature built-in video analytics capable of detecting loitering and other criminal behavior. When coupled with our live video transmission, it enables remote crime prevention.

Every LotGuard has an HD infrared camera capable of recording crystal clear evidential images even in the lowest lighting conditions, allowing our remote operators to dispatch law enforcement and capture usable video for review.

The PTZ cameras allow full site coverage, and we can provide LotGuards to your premises regardless of power availability.

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