6 Tips to Improve Distribution Center Safety

Distribution centers are a crucial step in the supply chain, so ensuring all aspects of security are on point at these locations is essential.

How do you improve safety at your Distribution Center?

Before products hit retail stores, they likely spend some time sitting in a distribution center. Therefore, a distribution center could be housing thousands, even millions of dollars’ worth of goods; because of this, they are a common target for crime.

The number of products constantly moving in and out of distribution centers makes protecting them from would-be criminals can be challenging.

However, by following some security best practices, you can reduce the risk of distribution center theft.

6 Tips to Improve Distribution Center SafetySecure Entry and Exit Points

The first step you should take to secure your distribution center’s safety is to secure all entrance and exit points.

Require ID or authorization before allowing anyone in or out of the warehouse, position guards or surveillance cameras near all access points, or have software that requires visitors to check in before receiving authorization to enter.

Invest In Security Cameras and Surveillance Trailers

The presence of a security camera and solar surveillance trailers is enough to deter criminals from committing crimes. If an incident does take place, you will have evidential footage of everything that happened to assist in the ease of prosecution of the suspect.

LotGuard’s mobile surveillance trailer not only gives you remote live access and 24/7 viewing of your property, but you will also receive alerts immediately from our monitoring center if any suspicious activity occurs.

If peace of mind is what you want, you won’t get anything less with LotGuard – Always Awake. Always On Guard.

Improve Lighting

Poorly lit areas make it easier for crimes to go undetected. If your distribution center isn’t well let, installing better lighting is a great starting point that will help improve the property’s overall security.

Utilizing LotGuard, you are guaranteed to have a surveillance system that can detect criminal even if there is no light.

Track Inventory

Having an inventory management process in place, you have the competence to identify and report any stolen goods more effectively and quickly.

The sooner you identify a problem, the sooner you can figure out what is causing it and how to avoid it in the future.

Background Checks

It’s better to be safe than sorry. No one wants to think that their employees would steal from them, but it’s more common than you think.

The best way to avoid this issue is to run background checks on all potential employees – especially if they will be handling high-valued items.

6 Tips to Improve Distribution Center Safety 2

Protect Your Distribution Centers with LotGuard

Safe and secure distribution centers keep businesses running and customers happy; however, they bring unique challenges from a security perspective.

Make remote mobile video surveillance a crucial part of your distribution center security strategy.

LotGuard PRO is a fully autonomous Mobile Surveillance Trailer that provides 24/7 security to your parking lots and properties without needing mounting poles, onsite power, or an internet connection.

A LotGuard PRO unit can be provided with a customized camera profile to ensure your campus is fully secured with no compromises.

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