Why Your Self-Storage Facility Needs Surveillance Cameras

Providing adequate security at your self-storage security is a critical responsibility. Failure to protect your client’s property will result in a damaged reputation and loss of business.

The challenge of securing these locations is considerable, however, because these units often experience high traffic and are vulnerable to anyone, primarily the criminal element.

As crime is increasing all around the country, it’s reasonable to want to improve the security of these facilities, as padlocks, tall fencing, and passive security cameras aren’t enough anymore.

Below, the security experts at LotGuard investigate why you need surveillance tech at Self-Storage facilities and how LotGuard’s Mobile Surveillance Trailer is the proactive solution required.

Why Your Self-Storage Facility Needs Surveillance Cameras Main

Storage Unit Theft: A Nationwide Problem

Below we have looked at a few examples of how self-storage units that don’t have a proactive surveillance system in place to illustrate how often theft occurs at these facilities.

So, while recording the criminal act may give us a nice full-color picture of the thief, the chances of apprehending them are slim. What’s the answer?

How To Proactively Stop Criminal Activity at Self-Storage Units

Modern surveillance technology can connect to the internet wirelessly and ping your smartphone if a particular activity is detected.

These self-storage surveillance systems can also connect to a video monitoring centre that act as a virtual security guard – offering your business 24/7/365 security.

If you have passive security cameras as your self-storage security solution, they do one thing well: record criminal activity. But by then, the damage is done.

Why Your Self-Storage Facility Needs Surveillance Cameras- Surveillance-Trailer

LotGuard Mobile Surveillance Trailer

LotGuard’s proactive mobile surveillance trailer offers more benefits for your surveillance solution to give you maximum coverage. We have developed some scenarios below and will show you how the LotGuards system works.

  1. Suppose the criminal gets past the high fencing, instead of the intruder being recorded. In that case, LotGuards mobile surveillance trailer will trigger a loud alarm and flashing lights, startling the criminal and then running off while recording high-evidential footage.

  2. The criminal is rooting around the storage facility looking for an easy lock to cut; little do they know our high-trained remote monitoring station is watching them; as the criminal is about to reach for the cutter, our virtual guar calls 911 for an immediate response.

  3. Night vision cameras detect fence line activity at the darkest corners of your property. However, our cutting-edge analytical technology can decipher between a stray cat jumping over your perimeter. Therefore, you can rest easy as if it was more serious; you and your team will be alerted.

All of these scenarios are possible with LotGuards self-storage security camera systems.

Business Benefits of an Upgraded Self-Storage Security Solution

For business owners of self-storage units, an upgraded video surveillance footprint becomes your sales pitch to attract more customers and become a cost-effective solution.

Employing security guards to manage these properties can be expensive and unreliable given the constant alert requirement and securing a vast area with several hiding spots.

A LotGuard mobile surveillance unit is always awake, always on guard, and ready to detect, deter, and defend against crime 24/7/365.

Our Mobile Surveillance Trailer can be deployed to your facility whether you have power and internet connectivity or rely on solar power and 4G video transmission.

We can customize each solution with different camera options and accessories to suit your requirements.

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