Ways to Stop Gas Station Fuel Theft

A quarter of gasoline retailers have reported a rise in theft at their filling stations since 2021, resulting in a nationwide loss of $200 million for gas stations. This is a growing concern affecting both urban and rural areas.

Some recent eye catching headlines of these thefts at gas stations include:

To combat these occurrences, gas station owners need more effective security measures.

By understanding the extent of the problem, including the methods used by thieves, weaknesses in pump design, and ways to secure the station, owners can adopt a proactive approach to preventing theft rather than simply reacting to it.

Ways to Stop Gas Station Fuel Theft

What is the profile of a Gas Theft?

Gas theft, also known as "drive-off theft”, occurs when a customer fills their vehicle with gasoline and fails to pay for it. In the United States, gas theft is a crime punishable by law.

Retail gas stations have implemented various security measures to prevent gas theft, such as requiring payment before pumping, installing surveillance cameras, and using license plate recognition technology.

Additionally, many gas stations have protocols for employees to follow in the event of a drive-off theft, such as obtaining the license plate number and reporting the incident to the police.

Where Are Gas Stations Vulnerable To Theft?

Gas stations are particularly susceptible to theft at pumps located in poorly lit areas. A secure perimeter should protect all parts of the property, day and night.

Under poorly lit areas at gas stations, the following types of theft can occur:

It is important to note that gas station theft can occur at any time of day, but poorly lit areas can allow thieves to carry out their crimes undetected.

This is why gas stations need security measures, such as mobile surveillance cameras and a secure perimeter, to prevent theft and protect their property.

LotGuard Pro - Ways to Stop Gas Station Fuel Theft

How Can Gas Station Owners Prevent Gas Theft?

Our suggested method for reducing crime is by installing a Solar Surveillance Trailer, a powerful theft deterrent powered by solar energy with backup batteries. LotGuards are equipped with the latest LTE transmissible cameras, live or pre-recorded audio, and blue lights, bringing advanced security to gas stations.

LotGuard delivers a high upgrade from fixed, old analog, and cheaper variants of this surveillance system, leaving no gaps for protection.

What other security solution can compare to this comprehensive system with its full range of bright lights, audio alerts, and recording technology, working both day and night? The gas station is always protected with a 360-degree view, even during power outages or with limited staff on-site, providing 24/7 security.

Here are a few additional tips on the optimal location of a LotGuard at a gas station to keep gas pumps protected:

LotGuard Mobile Video Surveillance

LotGuard Mobile Video Surveillance For Gas Station Security

Quick and efficient protection for your gas station can be achieved with a LotGuard Mobile Surveillance Unit, which can be installed in just a matter of minutes.

All gas theft security concerns can be eradciated by the LotGuard experts and all the worries of protection, loss, and damage after a theft are eased.

The units feature built-in video analytics capable of detecting loitering and other criminal behavior. When coupled with our live video transmission, it enables remote crime prevention.

Every LotGuard has an HD infrared camera capable of recording crystal clear evidential images even in the lowest lighting conditions, allowing our remote operators to dispatch law enforcement and capture usable video for review.

The PTZ cameras allow full site coverage, and we can provide LotGuards to your premises regardless of power availability.

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