Warehouse Security - The Weakest Link In Your Chain

Facilitating the secure transfer of goods from manufacturer to consumer is no small task, especially with the surge in online shopping; more goods are flowing through warehouse facilities than ever before.

The ongoing pressures to process, transfer and deliver goods swiftly is increasing, unfortunately creating vulnerabilities in the supply chain that are susceptible to theft.

According to Loss Prevention magazine, cargo theft is a yearly $15-$30 billion problem. These are the minimum as a significant amount of cargo theft goes unreported due to the fear of business premium increase or there is no evidence for law enforcement to pursue the thieves.

Warehouse Security - The Weakest Link In Your Chain

Adding Mobile Surveillance Trailers Can Mitigate Theft

Warehouses are frequent targets, especially during the holiday weekends when trucks are parked and unattended.

Protecting your perimeter, surveillance placement, and using the right equipment inside your warehouse are crucial.

Deploying a LotGuard Mobile Surveillance Trailer acts as a visual deterrent. Placing these near entrances can deter thieves from scouting for opportunities and provide 24/7 recorded video of activity in the area. 

LotGuard PRO does not only give 24/7 viewing of your property, but you will also receive alerts immediately from our monitoring center if any suspicious activity occurs.

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Tips to Improve Distribution Center Safety

We recently wrote an article on how distribution centers are the crucial step in the supply chain and how they are a common target for thieves.

To break it down, our tips on improving the safety of these centers will assist you in improving that weakest link in your supply chain is:

  1. Secure entry and exit point

  2. Invest in security cameras

  3. Improve lighting

  4. Track inventory

  5. Background checks

Read More on the Tips to Improve Distribution Center Safety

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Improve The Weakest Link In Your Warehouse Security with LotGuard

Safe and secure distribution centers keep businesses running and customers happy; however, they bring unique challenges from a security perspective.

Make remote mobile video surveillance a crucial part of your distribution center security strategy.

LotGuard PRO is a fully autonomous Mobile Surveillance Trailer that provides 24/7 security to your parking lots and properties without needing mounting poles, onsite power, or an internet connection.

A LotGuard PRO unit can be provided with a customized camera profile to ensure your campus is fully secured with no compromises.

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