Three Ways Surveillance Cameras Boost Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lots present several legitimate safety and security risks that require a modern approach to security.

The security experts here at LotGuard recently published a Complete Guide to Parking Lot Security, which sets out the key steps to mitigate the common crimes that occur in a parking lot environment. 

We picked out surveillance cameras as the most critical form of defense against parking lot crime in the guide. 

Modern video surveillance technology like LotGuard surveillance trailers help businesses remain vigilant and adapt their surveillance strategies to meet emerging security threats.

Below, we highlight three critical ways that LotGuard units are actively boosting safety and security in parking lots across the US.

WCCTV LotGuard Trailer Deployed for Retail Loss Prevention

Theft Prevention and Employee Safety

In every corner of the country, there has been a dramatic increase in thefts of catalytic converters. Thieves capitalize on the resale value of components like palladium and rhodium, which are valued at record highs. A key target for these crimes, of course, is parking lots.

Criminals realize that park and ride locations, dealerships, office and retail parking lots are full of cars that will be unattended for many hours of the day.

In some of these locations, well-organized thieves have cut the catalytic converters out of 100 cars in a matter of hours

This has a significant impact on business owners who are liable to protect their worker's vehicles. Likewise, commercial parking lot owners do not need the negative customer experience of theft occurring on their property.

Traditional surveillance cameras were typically only helpful after a crime had occurred, gathering evidence of crimes for retrospective review and criminal investigation.

LotGuard gives parking lot owners the power to stop crimes as they happen.

LotGuard Solar Trailer Deployed for Retail Parking Lot Security

From the minute it's installed, LotGuard enhances parking lot security. Standing at over 20ft tall, it is an imposing presence that lets criminals know the parking lot is closely monitored.

When backed by our 24/7 remote monitoring services, parking lot owners can assign the responsibility for keeping watch over the property to a team of high-skilled security professionals.

When our monitoring team spots suspicious or unlawful activity, they will begin a real-time crime prevention process. This includes issuing an audio warning from LotGuard's built-in speakers, initiating the blue light alarm and sirens, and sending an alert to on-site security personnel and/or local law enforcement.

This crime-prevention solution is so effective that big-box retailers report that remote surveillance systems helped drive a 40% reduction in parking lot incidents, with other locations reporting a 70% reduction.

But LotGaurd does more than protect your property; it also protects your most valuable asset - your people.

Parking lot's can often be dangerous at nighttime for lone and vulnerable people. Lotguard keeps an eye out for them, too, with the same robust security protocol followed if an individual is in danger.

Evolving Security Requirements

One of the key advantages of a LotGuard's surveillance unit is its ability to help businesses remain dynamic in their approach to security. As criminals find new and creative ways to strike, companies need the flexibility to change their security strategies.

This might involve moving cameras to different locations or altering the time of day when remote monitoring services are active.

LotGuard's mobile approach to video surveillance offers the level of adaptability companies require. If trespassers are taking advantage of a blind spot on their property, they can adjust their setup to prevent further break-ins.

Deploying mobile surveillance units represents the best way for organizations to future-proof their security provision. Your surveillance demands today are unlikely to be the same as they were 3-5 years ago, nor are they representative of the challenges you may face in the future. 

Investing in a surveillance solution that can evolve as your needs change is the intelligent approach to security.

WCCTV LotGuard Surveillance Trailer

Evidence Gathering

In addition to its proactive crime prevention benefits, a LotGuard surveillance unit also records high-quality video evidence for criminal investigations.

Should a break-in, theft, or vandalism incident occur, the footage captured by a LotGuard can provide valuable insight into how the incident played out and what can be done to prevent future incidents. This helps businesses and property owners build a better picture of the threats they face and revise security plans accordingly.

LotGuards have built-in edge recording capability, store evidence for up to 30 days minimum, and allow for important clips to be downloaded and stored.

Users can access their LotGuard unit from anywhere, at any time, using our license-free mobile app and desktop software.

LotGuard units also have a range of additional benefits. They are helping car rental companies keep up with the recent surge in demand. As cars enter and depart their lots, they utilize surveillance systems to review car conditions and log license plate numbers.

As well as enhancing security, LotGaurds are also serving an operational role by streamlining an otherwise labour-intensive process. 

LotGuard: Your Complete Parking Lot Security Solution

LotGuard is the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance systems designed to detect, deter, and defend parking lots from crime.

Parking lot crime is a growing threat. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that over 1 in 10 property crimes happens in a parking lo., accounting for more than 2 million parking lot crimes every year, with monetary losses of over $6B.

LotGuard shields parking lots against these crimes, keeping your guests and employees safe.

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