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You can improve your parking lots by adding aesthetics such as greenery, but many property managers overlook how security fits in.

A customer's experience with your company is critical to any business operation.

From when a customer enters the parking lot to when they leave the property, every interaction and element of their surroundings contributes to their overall experience.

Companies invest significant time and resources in perfecting and enhancing this journey, from training employees to maintaining a clean and welcoming environment.

The question then arises: How can businesses achieve an optimal level of security that instills customer confidence without creating an unwelcoming atmosphere?

Surprisingly, a significant part of this balance can be achieved in the often-overlooked parking lot.

While it may seem like an unlikely starting point for enhancing the customer experience, the parking lot is the entry point for everyone entering a store or business.

This includes customers, products, materials, and, regrettably, potential criminals.

Therefore, the parking lot plays a pivotal role in shaping customers' initial and final impressions of a business.

But how do you defend and secure a place that is typically wide open, doesn’t have walls, and be accessed by anyone at any time?

Defend with LotGuard

A fresh approach to securing expansive parking areas while ensuring customer convenience involves exploring alternatives to the conventional security camera setup. Unfortunately, experienced thieves and criminals know all the tricks to avoid detection.

LotGuard surveillance trailer shakes up the traditional conventions of security cameras.

A LotGuard unit will provide complete coverage of parking areas, accurate target identification, proactive intruder deterrence, and outstanding vision – even at night.  Allowing you to do more to proactively protect your parking lots from challenges, avoid blind spots, and deter crime before it even happens.

Our surveillance trailers use cellular connectivity and solar power to stay completely mobile and watch any parking lot section without delay.

Additionally, our trailers don’t hurt the customer experience; they take up one parking bay, and we’ve had clients customers park right next to the units.

Numerous LotGuard clients have experimented with relocating their units to different spots within their parking lots, only to discover that customers tend to track these movements, parking as closely as possible to the unit, regardless of its position anywhere on the property – see for yourself in the example images below.

LotGuard Parking Lot to Enhance Customer Exp

LotGuard: Your Complete Parking Lot Security Solution

In conclusion, enhancing the customer experience goes beyond the interactions within a store or business.

It starts in the parking lot, where customers' initial impressions are formed.

By utilizing the benefits of LotGuard, businesses can create a safer and more welcoming environment, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

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