Campus Safety & Security Statistics

Unfortunately, schools, colleges, and university campuses have become places where students are exposed to safety concerns.

Incidents range from theft, violence, and harassment to firearms-related crimes. These issues have raised significant worries about the well-being and security of students on campus.

Employees, students, and visitors should be able to come and go from campus without fearing for their safety.

By carefully implementing mobile surveillance cameras, campus safety can be dramatically increased and safety fears reduced.

Below, LotGuard highlights some recently released campus-related crime statistics and explains how our surveillance solution can assist in deterring crime before it happens. 

Campus Safety & Security Statistics Main

According to a recent study, there were a total of 27,300 crimes recorded on postsecondary education campuses, translating to approximately 19 reported crimes per 10,000 full-time students.

Among these incidents, almost 3% were categorized as hate crimes, targeting individuals based on factors such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability.

The study revealed that race constituted the most significant portion of reported crimes, accounting for 45%, followed by sexual orientation at 22%.


Maximizing campus safety and security

Enhancing the safety of students, staff, and faculty on campuses involves implementing several important safety precautions. 

Many educational institutions have taken significant steps to increase their security measures including comprehensive screening of staff and visitors, issuing identification cards, and enforcing a mandatory sign-in process for guests.

Additionally, schools are expanding their student services to provide increased support and intervention resources, further contributing to a safer campus environment.

Regarding video surveillance cameras, many campuses are choosing LotGuard units to enhance security around properties, parking lots, and places where it’s hard to have eyes 24/7

LotGuard for Campus Parking Lot Security

Protecting your students, visitors, and staff from the crimes affecting parking lot environments is a critical part of your security plan.

At LotGuard, we specialize in mobile surveillance units specifically designed for parking lot applications. 

Our fully autonomous Mobile Surveillance Trailers provide 24/7 security, and we can customize each solution with different camera options to suit your requirements.

LotGuard Iconography

The LotGuard feature set includes: 

These cameras utilize 4G LTE technology to transmit live, and archived video feeds, allowing for remote connectivity at any time, regardless of your location.

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