Ask LotGuard - What Can a LotGuard Do?

With technology constantly evolving, there is a new, more reliable, less expensive way to secure your parking lots.

Traditionally, parking lots requiring security have been protected by a live guard, but this solution is expensive, and can often be unreliable.

Now, there is LotGuard, a low-cost, ultra reliable mobile surveillance unit backed by 24/7/365 professional video monitoring services.

Read on to learn more about what LotGuard can do.

What Can A LotGuard Do

What is a LotGuard Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer?

The LotGuard PRO unit a solar-powered surveillance trailer specifically designed to deter, mitigate, and report criminal activities in a parking lot environment.

The unit can be provided as part of a fully managed surveillance service.

This service includes equipment installation, alarm monitoring, US-based technical support, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance.

A few unique features of a LotGuard that will benefit you in securing your lot:

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What Can a LotGuard Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer Do?

As shown above, LotGuard has significant benefits over other various security approaches.

A LotGuard can:

Even you hired several security guards, they can’t be everywhere at once, leaving vulnerabilities on your lot, but LotGuard’s invisible perimeter covers all four corners.

The unit’s ability to automatically spot crime over great distance can significantly reduce your security spend.

LotGuard’s high-definition cameras see further and even in no-light situations and still offer a high-quality visual, whereas other surveillance systems do not offer nighttime cameras.

Its proactive approach allows it to respond quickly to suspicious situations with zero risk. If someone is causing trouble on your lot, LotGuard operates a live audio voice-down function with blue light, interacting with the intruder, protecting your lot, and deterring crime.

When you choose a LotGuard to protect your parking lots, you can benefit from an end-to-end security process with a remote monitoring station that can record, address an intruder, and report any findings directly to local law enforcement.

We can also customize a remote crime prevention process for you to meet your specific requirements.

Aside from the unique benefits of our technology, when you choose to work with LotGuard, you will also benefit from the following:

Using a managed service also helps ensure you have the most appropriate technology for your application. You can hire LotGuard, and you know you're always getting the latest surveillance equipment.

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What Can A LotGuard Do Inner

Leading Parking Lot Surveillance Cameras and Trailers

LotGuard surveillance units are designed to provide parking lot and dealership security. They detect, deter, mitigate, and report criminal activity and provide 24/7 security.

The units feature built-in video analytics capable of detecting loitering and other criminal behavior. When coupled with our live video transmission, it enables remote crime prevention.

Every LotGuard has an HD infrared camera capable of recording crystal clear evidential images even in the lowest lighting conditions, allowing our remote operators to dispatch law enforcement and capture usable video for review.

The PTZ cameras allow full site coverage, and we can provide LotGuards to your premises regardless of power availability.

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