How Managed Surveillance Camera Services Work

Every LotGuard mobile surveillance camera can be backed by a managed service that maximises effectiveness and results while minimizing the users' requirement to self-manage the units. 

This managed service has been designed to make using our surveillance cameras as easy as possible, and our comprehensive step-by-step process reduces client workload and ensures the cameras deliver the right results every time. 

Below, we detail how this process works and highlight some of the key benefits of utilizing managed surveillance cameras.

How Managed Surveillance Services Work - LotGaurd USA

Benefits of Managed Surveillance Cameras

Installing surveillance cameras at your parking lot should provide peace of mind that you're fully protected.

But can you be absolutely certain that everything is working as it should be? Are the cameras active? Are they recording? Are they pointing in the right direction?

Connecting to your cameras to manually check they are working correctly is time-consuming and take you away from other important work.

That's where a managed surveillance camera service comes in.

It provides absolute certainty that your cameras are correctly installed, online, recording, and ready to detect activity at your sites. When they are needed most, your cameras will be ready. 

Using a managed service also helps ensure you have the most appropriate technology for your application. You can hire just the equipment you need, and you know you're always getting the latest surveillance equipment. 

If criminal activity is detected at your parking lot, with a managed service a security professional is watching and ready to respond.

When you choose a LotGaurd to protect your parking lots, you're able to benefit from an end-to-end security process that covers all this and more. 

LotGuard - How Managed Surveillance Works

How Does the LotGuard Managed Service Work?

Below are the key steps of the LotGuard managed surveillance service. Each element ensures we deliver a security solution that is fully customized to meet the needs of your parking lots.

1. Expert Advice From Security Professionals

When you choose to deploy a LotGuard from WCCTV, your first step will be to speak with one of our highly-experienced security team.

They will ask you a few key questions about your parking lot, property or dealership to be certain that we can offer a surveillance solution that perfectly matches your requirements.

Typical questions will focus on power availability, the size and layout of your lots, any vulnerable areas such as access points and sheltered areas, and what hours of the day you need the cameras to be active.

We will also take the time to learn more about your specific requirements, what are the biggest security risks that your locations are likely to face.

Depending on your location, one of our security experts can visit your location to get a more detailed understanding of your requirements.

Taking the time to understand your specific needs helps our security experts determine the optimal location for the camera (or cameras) to ensure there are no blind spots in the surveillance system they set up for you.

It will also help us determine whether we need to utilize video analytics to cover potentially vulnerable areas, and whether we need to supply a solar-powered camera for power autonomy. 

2. Professional Installation Services

As part of LotGaurd's managed surveillance service, you will also have access to our team of camera installation technicians.

They will visit your site and install all the equipment you require, whether that's a LotGaurd MINI or LotGuard PRO, or a combination.

They will also assist with the configuration of the systems, including:

LotGuard - Managed Surveillance Service - Install

3. Remote Alarm Monitoring

LotGaurd surveillance units act as a powerful visual deterrent and help investigate any criminal activity.

But when they are remotely monitored by our team of security professionals, they act as virtual security guards - always awake and always on guard. 

Every LotGuard unit delivers live and recorded video via 4G LTE, which can be sent directly to an Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC).

The security professionals at the ISOC will immediately review the footage to verify the alarm, and then take appropriate action -  despatching mobile guards or contacting Law Enforcement to ensure your locations are protected.  


4. Remote Health Checks and Maintenance

LotGuard units are fitted with an ongoing remote diagnostics solution as standard. This is known as the Heartbeat. 

Twice a day, every day, Heartbeat will check:                 

A simple power reboot can resolve up to 99% of these issues, so every LotGuard is fitted with a Smart Switch, an automated power switch that allows for a remote reboot to occur.

So there's no need for site visits to reboot your equipment; we'll handle everything remotely for you - most of the time before you even know there's a problem. 

How We Protect Your Locations

As part of the LotGuard Service, a world-class security team will be monitoring your parking lots - proactively protecting them from theft and criminal damage. 

If an intruder is spotted, our team will:

1. Issue Audio Warnings

Once an intruder alert is verified, our monitoring partners will issue an audio warning from LotGaurd's built-in alarm system. This could be a:

Typically, an audio warning is enough to deter unwanted intruders.

2. Contact Law Enforcement

In the cases where an audio warning does not deter an intruder, we will escalate our response process to the next level.

As soon as our monitoring partners spot a threat at your site, they will immediately dispatch law enforcement and make them aware that they are responding to a verified threat, one that requires immediate assistance.

This level of focus can mean the difference between loss of property, criminal damage and a successful arrest.

3. Contact You 

Once we have ensured the site has been protected and a response is en route, our team will reach out to you to alert you to the incident.

We understand that there may be damage and/or missing items you will need to report right away. 

Our team will provide full details on the incident, including what response has been taken and where the incident has occurred.

4. Keep Watch

Our monitoring partners will continue to monitor the property — including the entire perimeter — both during and after an incident until law enforcement has arrived.

5. Package Evidence

LotGuard mobile surveillance cameras contain up to 4TB of onboard recording capacity.

This allows our team to download videos and images of the incident and package these for you in a playable format as part of a full incident report. This evidence can be provided to law enforcement and passed on to insurers if needed.

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