The Role of Surveillance Cameras in Parking Lot Security

Utilizing mobile surveillance cameras as your go-to parking lot security solution will help prevent crime and keep your customers safe.

Parking lots rank third on the list of where most violent crimes occur, and, per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over 10% of all property crimes in the USA occur in a parking lot.

Below we outline the vital role surveillance cameras play in keeping property, vehicles, and your customers safe. 

The Role of Surveillance Cameras for Parking Lots - LotGuards

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The Role of Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Parking Lot Security 

Surveillance cameras are undoubtedly the most powerful tools available for keeping your parking lots safe, and systems like LotGuard have been specifically created for the sole purpose of parking lot security.

LotGuard is a fully autonomous Mobile Surveillance Trailer. The unit is a solar-powered security system that provides 24/7 security to your parking lots and properties.

We customize each solution with various camera options to create the optimal surveillance unit for your specific application.

These cameras deliver live and recorded video through our 4G LTE transmission technology, allowing for remote viewing of live and archived video at any time, regardless of your location.

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LotGuard parking lot security cameras can be enhanced with:

Whether you choose to customize your cameras with any of the above will depend on what suits your parking lots best. Get in touch with LotGuard today, and let us help you choose the right surveillance solution.

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Enhance Your LotGuard with Remote Monitoring 

Installing a LotGuard surveillance camera at your parking lots, garages, and dealerships provides a powerful visual crime deterrent and helps investigate criminal activities or accidents.

But when a team of security professionals remotely monitors them, they become your virtual security guard - always awake and always on guard. 

LotGuards deliver live and recorded video via 4G LTE, which can be sent directly to our partner Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC).

The security professionals at the ISOC will immediately review the footage to verify the alarm and then take appropriate action -  despatching mobile guards or contacting Law Enforcement to ensure your sites are protected. 

This action includes:

WCCTV's security cameras help to deter, catch and record all criminal activity at your parking facilities; take a look at how this works below:

The Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring

The role of mobile surveillance cameras in parking lot security is of vital importance.

LotGuard is the USA's leading supplier and specialist manufacturer of mobile video surveillance solutions that help secure parking lots and properties against crimes such as vandalism and theft, keeping your employees and guests safe. 

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