Protecting Healthcare Facility Parking Lots with LotGuard

Protecting patients, staff and visitors is crucial in a healthcare setting to address patient privacy, safeguarding vulnerable people and ensure an overall safe environment.

How can you protect Healthcare Facility Parking Lots?

Not only protecting people using, the facility but also protecting the areas outside of the facility such as the parking areas used every day by employees and visitors.


Securing Remote Areas

While many healthcare facilities have large parking lot complexes containing multiple levels of parking supported and protected by an extensive parking gate entry system and some sort of surveillance system, deploying these types of solutions in remote outdoor parking lots can become a challenge.

Alongside remote areas, parking lots at healthcare facilities need to be accessible around the clock. Not only are employees walking to these parking lots at all hours, meaning that their safety needs to be protected, but it’s also important to monitor parking lots and their surrounding areas to deter vehicle vandalism and theft.

Infrastructure Challenges

The lack of a power source and/or access to cable fiber can make it very difficult to deploy a surveillance system that can be actively and continuously monitored.

Many large healthcare facilities operate their own command centers to monitor their security, it is important to integrate surveillance of the parking lot into the hospital’s existing security system.

With LotGuard PRO, you don’t need to provide mounting poles for the surveillance cameras, and there’s no need for onsite power or internet connectivity at your lots. It does not matter if the hospital is a mile away from the parking lot.

It can be installed in minutes, providing immediate security for your parking lots. It’s fully portable, too, so simply move it to a new location if your needs change.

The security experts at LotGuard understand that putting fiber up and cables is expensive and can take a long time to get it there and up and running across multiple properties.

Wireless Parking Lot Surveillance Options

There are plenty of wireless surveillance options available for healthcare facilities to deploy. However, there are important points to consider when implanting a wireless system.

  1. Bandwidth consumption: needs to be high enough to handle multiple video sources without impairing video quality
  2. Data traffic: high amounts of data utilization will require a quality of service (QOS)
  3. Path Interference: this is dependent on line-of-site (LOS) that could increase the deployment time. For example, inclement weather can impact these signals.
  4. Wireless Network: consider a site survey and ensure that the network does not get jammed due to heavy wi-fi traffic.

The surveillance system for a healthcare parking lot may need the deployment of a variety of different security cameras, high resolution, thermal cameras, AI video analytics or license plate readers.

Solar Surveillance Trailers for Healthcare Facility Parking Lots

Our Mobile Surveillance Trailer can be deployed to your facility whether you have power and/or internet connectivity or rely on solar power and 4G video transmission.

We can customize each solution with different camera options and accessories to suit your requirements.

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