LotGuard Case Study - Park 'N' Fly

LotGuard enables Park 'N' Fly to strengthen their level of security in parking lots.

Park 'N' Fly's primary goal was to minimize the risk of theft and vandalism to unattended vehicles left onsite and ensure overall security for customers' peace of mind.


Park 'N' Fly, which offers an airport car park service geared towards business travelers, set out to invest in parking lot protection to enhance the security of unattended vehicles.

Park 'N' fly was looking for a solution that provided them with evidential footage, was low-cost, and allowed remote access with 24/7 monitoring.

To put customers' minds at ease, deter theft and vandalism, and reduce criminal activity in their parking lots, LotGuard was the perfect solution for them to ensure the safety of customer assets.

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For Park 'N' Fly, LotGuard was a valuable solution to act as a visible deterrent to discourage unauthorized access and criminal activity on their site.

As a result of LotGuard surveillance trailers being equipped with 24/7 monitoring capabilities, Park 'N' Fly has had success in utilizing LotGuard to deter thefts and vandalisms whilst being provided with clear and indisputable evidential footage for review and liability cases.

LotGuard has demonstrated its cost-effectiveness by replacing the necessity for security personnel, fixed cameras, or ongoing financial commitments.



The partnership between Park 'N' Fly and LotGuard Surveillance has produced outstanding results.

Rob Jones, Director of Operations and Management at Park 'N' Fly quotes:

 "The Park ‘N Fly corporate security team highly recommends the LotGuard mobile surveillance units for anyone looking to curb their vandalism, and thefts and create an overall security peace of mind for their customers.

We have deployed multiple units at several locations, with great success deterring the criminal element."

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