LesCon Plumbing Enhances Security and Efficiency with LotGuard

The primary objective for LesCon Plumbing, Inc was to minimize theft and unauthorized access, ensure employee safety, protect company property, and maintain operational efficiency.

LesCon Plumbing, a leading player in the plumbing industry, embarked on a mission to enhance the security of their depot and parking lot.


Their primary objective was to minimize the risk of theft and unauthorized access, prioritize employee safety, protect valuable company assets, and streamline operations.


For a company like LesCon Plumbing, which operates in a dynamic environment with varying activity levels, the adaptability of LotGuard Surveillance was the perfect solution. LotGuard Surveillance trailers, equipped with high-quality cameras and round-the-clock monitoring capabilities, offered the flexibility needed to address security concerns effectively.

LotGuard has proved to be a cost-effective alternative, eliminating the need for security guards, fixed cameras, or upfront investments.


LesCon Plumbing's journey with LotGuard Surveillance has yielded impressive results. From the very first phone call, the company received exceptional service from WCCTV and their representative.

"We started utilizing WCCTV's monitoring services after a break-in and I have now been able to sleep soundly knowing our property is being watched.

The cameras function reliably, and the interface is easy to use. Additionally, anytime there has been the slightest issue, WCCTV has responded quickly and more importantly, fixed the problem!

I highly recommend WCCTV & LotGuard to others."

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Conclusion: LotGuard Mobile Video Surveillance For Parking Lots

LesCon Plumbing's case study highlights the effectiveness of LotGuard Surveillance in enhancing security, ensuring employee safety, and maintaining operational efficiency.

With the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of LotGuard, businesses like LesCon Plumbing can take proactive steps toward a secure and efficient work environment.

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