Boosting Retail Security During Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the retail calendar's busiest and most chaotic days. 

Retailers have faced challenges around safety and security on the day when millions of shoppers look to grab a post-Thanksgiving bargain.

Since 2008, multiple reports of stampedes, violence, shootings, and criminal damage have been reported. Most shockingly, there have been 14 deaths attributed to Black Friday incidents.

Ahead of this year's Black Friday and busy Christmas shopping season, LotGuard shares some key ways retailers can boost security to provide a safer experience for customers and employees.

Boosting Retail Security Black Friday - Lotguard

Secure Your Parking Lots

A high volume of criminal activity that occurs on Black Friday happens within a parking lot environment. 

The increased traffic around stores has seen considerable increases in fender-benders, hit-and-runs, vehicle theft, and even stabbings and shootings arising from fights over the last parking spot.

Enhancing security around your lots will improve the overall security experience at your stores.

Strategies you can adopt include:

  1. Improving lighting facilities 

  2. Installing visible surveillance cameras 

  3. Improving perimeter security by installing fencing

  4. Enhancing safety and security training for all staff

To assist companies in increasing security around their parking lots and garages, LotGuards security experts recently published a free eBook titled The Complete Guide to Parking Lot Security. You can download a copy on the link below.

The Complete Guide to Parking Lot Security

LotGuard Surveillance Cameras for Retail

Highly Visible Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are one of the most effective ways of reducing crime around parking lots.

Drawing attention to the presence of cameras by using highly visible cameras, installing signage, or both will make them even more effective.

The presence of security cameras will provide peace of mind for your employees and customers, deter the vast majority of criminal behavior, and capture crystal-clear images of any crimes that do occur. 

Train Your Employees

Security begins with your employees. Ensure they are fully trained to follow your security protocols, that they understand how to spot security risks, and that you can trust them with your assets.

A team trained to spot risks such as overcrowding and deal with these issues assertively and directly will be invaluable during Black Friday.

Also, consider if your stores need extra staff to cope with increased demand during the holiday season to prevent issues around crowd management. 

Work With LotGuard - Parking Lot Security Experts

LotGuard is here to help this Black Friday season and beyond. 

We are the USA's leading parking lot security technology experts, and our mobile surveillance units have been designed with the retail sector in mind.

Our experience, market-leading technology, and world-class support services make us the ideal partner for parking lot security needs.

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