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Surveillance Cameras & Solar Trailers for Cannabis Farms & Grow Facilities in California

Cannabis farms are usually in remote locations,making them an ideal target for thieves. Our Solar Surveillance Trailers with LTE connectivity means you don’t need power or an internet connection to secure your cannabis grow facility.

We provide market-leading Security Cameras and Surveillance Trailers backed by a fully managed service to provide an all in one security solution for your Cannabis Farm or Grow Facility in California.

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Solar Surveillance Trailers for Cannabis Farms in California

Our Solar Surveillance Trailers can be deployed to practically any location, no matter how remote, to provide 24/7/365 proactive security. Standing at 20 ft tall, they are a highly-visible presence and enhance your cannabis farm security. The trailer operates independently of power and internet hookups using solar and cellular transmission technology.

Installing our mobile solar surveillance trailer takes around 20 minutes, ensuring rapid protection when you need it the most. Built-in AI video analytics delivers automated intrusion and crime detection, allowing you or our monitoring partners to take action quickly and decisively.

Solar Surveillance Trailers for Rent

The LotGuard Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer has been specifically designed for rapid deployments at locations without fixed power or internet access which makes this the perfect solution for Cannabis Farms and Grow Facilities. It’s available in 520W, 750W and 1050W options that deliver uninterrupted power in all environments.

Renting or hiring a surveillance trailer is the best alternative to purchasing a full system, here are some of the major benefits of renting a mobile surveillance trailer:

  • Immediate Cost Savings
    Renting a surveillance system means you are only paying when you really need it, with no upfront costs and no surplus equipment sitting on shelves.

  • Easier Procurement
    Getting sign off for renting equipment will usually be easier than a high cost capital purchase. Renting also means you can have your cameras on site quicker.

  • Convenience
    We come and install the kit for you or send it to you to plug and play. Once your rental term ends, we simply collect the kit or you can send it back to us.

  • Always the latest equipment and technology
    You’ll be sent the latest cameras we have, guaranteed! No more worrying that your kit will become obsolete over time and having to reinvest in expensive equipment.

  • Rapid Deployment
    Quicker, easier, and cheaper to install with no delays or waiting for cables to be mounted.

Ultimately the choice to rent or purchase comes down to what is most cost effective and convenient. LotGuard offers all mobile surveillance trailers for rent or purchase.

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Cannabis Farm & Grow Facility Security Experts in California

The leaders of Mobile Security Cameras and Solar Surveillance Trailers in California, LotGuard uses the latest rapid deployment pole cameras which are fully portable, easy to install and provide immediate security for your Cannabis Farm

LotGuard’s mobile surveillance units are always awake, always on guard, and ready to detect, deter, and defend against crime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We can deploy Mobile Surveillance Trailers whether you have power, internet connectivity or will be relying on solar power and 4G video transmission.

Areas of California we cover

Our team of Surveillance Camera experts are based in California which means we can cover areas such as:

and many more locations across California.

When was cannabis legalized in California?

Cannabis or marijuana was legalized in November 2016. It is legal in California for an adult over 21 to possess, purchase or give away up to an ounce of cannabis and as much as 8 grams of concentrated cannabis. Adults can also cultivate up to six live cannabis plants. Smoking or ingesting marijuana is illegal in public places, as is using the drug while in a car.

Secure your Cannabis Farm in California

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Cannabis Farm Surveillance Cameras in California

Our PTZ Mini Dome Camera, also known as LotGuard Mini, are portable, easy to install surveillance units that provide security for targeted areas within your grow facility. PTZ stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom, which are the different functionalities of the camera.

Our PTZ camera is equipped with an 8MP multi sensor camera, 36x Zoom and 1080p HD video. You can access any live or recorded footage remotely at any time, from any device. It has built in analytics for intelligent surveillance. All of this can be hardwired into your onsite power or be completely wireless over 4G connectivity.

This camera boasts up to three additional input channels, allowing secondary cameras such as LPR (License Plate Reader) or a secondary PTZ camera. The secondary cameras can share the recording capacity and 4G connectivity.

Remote Monitoring for Cannabis Farms & Grow Facilities in California

As detailed earlier, we offer a number of products and solutions for your facility in California and whilst each project will have their own specific requirements, all our products can be backed by remote monitoring or as part of a fully managed surveillance package.

Remote video surveillance services turn standard security cameras into virtual security guards which can detect criminal activity in real time, rather than being just a passive recording device.

So, if a suspicious person or vehicle is hanging around an area, this will alert the monitoring center and send a live feed directly to them. We use edge-based video analytics for alerts and as trigger points for a remote security response, including live or recorded audio and dispatching of law enforcement or security teams.

Fully Managed Surveillance Package

LotGuard Mini and LotGuard Pro can be provided as a fully managed surveillance solution which includes:

  • Equipment installation
  • Alarm monitoring
  • US-based technical support
  • Remote diagnostics
  • On-site maintenance

To learn more about how managed surveillance camera services work contact one of our specialists.

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Cannabis Farm Security Specialists in California

As one of the leaders of Mobile Security Cameras and Solar Surveillance Trailers for Cannabis Farms in California, we take great pride in delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the unique security needs of cannabis farms and grow facilities across the state.

With over 20 years experience and a dedicated team of specialists, we understand the challenges that sites face when it comes to safeguarding their cannabis farms, equipment, and personnel.

Our state-of-the-art Security Camera and Surveillance Trailer systems are designed to provide real-time monitoring, remote access, and proactive alerting, ensuring that your facility remains secure 24 hours a day.

Whether you're looking to deter theft and vandalism, enhance safety measures, or simply gain better control over your site, trust us as your go-to partner for security solutions in California.

Why Use LotGuard?

We’re one of the leading suppliers of security cameras and trailers in California providing autonomous surveillance systems specifically tailored to the needs of your Cannabis Farm.

Our extensive experience in the sector allows us to offer clients fully managed turnkey security services with one point of contact for all their needs.

We manufacture our own surveillance units, allowing us to provide competitive pricing backed by expert, US-based support services.

We maintain the security of numerous grow facilities in California and across the United States of America. We will protect your site against losses, delays, and incidents.

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LotGuard Pro Surveillance Trailer

LotGuard PRO is a solar-powered surveillance trailer specifically designed to deter, mitigate, and report criminal activities in a parking lot environment.

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