5 Proven Ways to Reduce Retail Theft This Holiday Season

The holidays pose a heightened threat of theft for retailers, as crowded stores create more opportunities for thieves to strike.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for retailers who have averaged 19% of their annual sales during the holiday season over the past five years, according to the National Retail Federation.

But the season of giving also becomes the season of thieving.

How to reduce Retail Theft this Holiday Season

Here at LotGuard, we have invested our expert knowledge to bring you our top five proven ways to protect your profits and fight against retail crime.

5 Proven Ways to Reduce Retail Theft This Holiday Season

Engage with Customers

Customer engagement can deliver a dual benefit for your business.

Firstly, locating a greeter at your entrances makes your customers feel welcomed and positive about their shopping experience.

Secondly, having someone greet your visitors with a smile and being fussy enough to inquire about their needs can help disarm a potential thief who can no longer operate anonymously.

Hire More Staff

Having more staff to hand not only gives you those extra eyes on the floor, but you can also team up inexperienced and experienced workers to work to get in spotting suspicious behavior.  

Such behaviors could include shoplifting methods (a thief may be working with an accomplice who tries to cause a distraction) and discussing what to do if they have a hunch that someone is up to no good.

Make it clear to your team that maintaining store security is a high priority for the company.

Location, Location, and Location

An excellent way to deter thieves over the holiday season is to change your layout with your decorations and be organized.

An unorganized store makes it easier for a thief to leave with a product without you or your staff noticing that Is has been taken. The three pieces of advice to remember:

  1. Your store’s layout should be designed for maximum visibility and not obstruct views

  2. Utilize bright lighting to eliminate dark spots where thieves could steal unnoticed

  3. Situate cash registers near the exit of the store to allow employees to monitor people leaving

Utilize simple prosecution warning signs

These simple posters can help deter thieves by reminding them that they could face a hefty fine and that they are being watched by the all-seeing eye of the mobile surveillance unit parked outside the entrance doors.

Install Loss Prevention Technology

Many stores now use sensors to detect when the merchandise has been removed from the sales floor without being properly deactivated and can trigger an alarm or alert store staff.

However, surveillance cameras are one of the most effective ways of reducing crime around retail stores.

The presence of security cameras will provide peace of mind for your employees and customers, deter most criminal behavior, and capture crystal-clear images of any crimes that do occur.

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